The beginning of my remarks…

My freshman year at Brigham Young University, I created a blog with the effort to put some of my ideas on paper (digitally). I wrote about things that I am passionate about–from politics to BYU sports… and for those of you who know me, you understand that I can be very passionate (sometimes too passionate) about my ideas, political stances, and even random gizmos and gadgets that I think need to be invented. So I am at it again, this time with a brand-new webpage because I wanted that fresh feeling you get when you start a new semester or a new year. I would liken it to the fresh chalkboard, blank notebook feeling. You know, when you have a 100% in class for the one homework assignment you turned in and received a 5/5 for. So these are my ideas…my “remarks” as it were. I hope you enjoy them.

(and I hope that you catch that remark is Kramer spelled backwards).