The Pay It Forward Experiment

So, this past week I watched the movie Pay It Forward, and I was deeply touched by the movie and its message. Maybe it was because I have been thinking a lot about trying to make a difference in the world or maybe it is just because it is a great movie . . . either way, it has had me thinking a lot about the impact I (and we) can make on our surroundings.

If I can make one person’s life a little better, who knows what the ramifications may be for good. Conversely, by treating someone a little better, what ill acts could be prevented in the world? This train of thought has occupied my mind over the past week or so and it has gotten me thinking a lot about what a difference I can make just by working to make my immediate surroundings (people, environments, etc..) a little bit better.

Therefore, I want to do an experiment of sorts, and if you want to join in, I would appreciate it. In the movie Pay It Forward, the seventh grader Trevor McKinney makes it his goal to do something for three different people that they cannot do for themselves. The hope is that these people will then do three things for three different people as well. This exponential growth means that five degrees of separation from the original act will result in 243 people being affected, ten degrees of separation will result in 59,049 people being affected, and so on.

Thus, for the next few weeks, I am making it my goal to look for opportunities to affect people’s lives for good. My goal is to affect at least three people, but the more the merrier. I hope if nothing else, I will be fulfilling the Savior’s command in Matthew 25 to serve those around us who are suffering. I think this world could use much more love and service, and it has to start somewhere.. so let’s decide today to be the catalyst for something bigger and better than ourselves. I am grateful for all the people who have made my life so amazing and it is time to pay it back, by paying it forward.